Dear Mrs. Bachmann, I Didn’t Choose To Not Have Healthcare….

Dear Mrs. Michelle Bachmann, With all due respect, your comments, that those who are uninsured choose to be uninsured, were extremely offensive to me.  In fact, I DO have health care insurance. We pay nearly $1,000 per month for that health care. So how could your comments offend me? I did not have a choice […]

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Terry Sterrenberg, co-producer of “The Healthcare Movie”: So if I were going to write a blog, what would I be writing about healthcare?

So if I were going to write a blog, what would I be writing about healthcare? The truth is, I cannot believe the healthcare struggle is going on. All my 64 years I have believed that taking care of all of us is what life is about. I cannot remember a time when I thought […]

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Health Care « Occucards.Com

What a wonderful idea! Occucards, a group of Occupy activists, has created cards for distribution for various causes, including healthcare reform. You can download the cards for free and print them yourself. You can also order printed cards directly from the company. Health Care « Occucards.Com.

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Dear Editors Everywhere:

Dear Editors Everywhere: America ranks 37th. In what? Providing adequate healthcare for ALL its citizens. I believe our forefathers would be rolling in their graves right now, if they could see what health insurance companies are allowing to happen to American citizens. They believed in helping others, and wanted to create a country where people […]

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Secret Revealed That Is Costing You Big Bucks

Guess what? The drug companies are paying off their competition so they can continue to rip off Americans with their jacked up prices. The Supreme Court has sided with pharmaceutical companies, apparently it’s perfectly OK for a drug company to pay other drug companies to not put their (less expensive) generic drugs on the market. […]

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