Secret Revealed That Is Costing You Big Bucks

Guess what? The drug companies are paying off their competition so they can continue to rip off Americans with their jacked up prices.

The Supreme Court has sided with pharmaceutical companies, apparently it’s perfectly OK for a drug company to pay other drug companies to not put their (less expensive) generic drugs on the market. This is NOT a joke, the Supreme Court has decided to not to review a federal appeals court ruling that allows drug companies to pay for delay, in the name of greedy profit.

“Pay-for-delay” agreements are “win-win” for the companies: brand-name pharmaceutical prices stay high, and the brand and generic share the benefits of the brand’s monopoly profits. Consumers lose, however: they miss out on generic prices that can be as much as 90% less than brand prices. For example, brand-name medications that costs several hundreds of dollars per month might be sold as a generic for as little as $30 per month.

The Supreme Court Ignores People’s Needs. Of course this action allows the drug company with the name brand Rx to milk more money from Americans and America’s tax money that funds Medicare and Medicaid.This just goes to show you who is really controlling America, because it’s not about you and me… it’s about the corporation. Once again a ruling comes down on the side of almighty corporation. The people are expected to pony up to financial extortion, no matter what the cost.

IHT World

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