Dear Mrs. Bachmann, I Didn’t Choose To Not Have Healthcare….

Dear Mrs. Michelle Bachmann,

With all due respect, your comments, that those who are uninsured choose to be uninsured, were extremely offensive to me.  In fact, I DO have health care insurance. We pay nearly $1,000 per month for that health care. So how could your comments offend me? I did not have a choice to pay for health care and receive no treatment: Our insurance company has a six month pre-existing condition clause. So, even though I had insurance, they refused to pay for a doctor and medication for six months.  During that time, I lived in agony. I envied my Canadian relatives who would never know this torture. They can not understand our callous system.  A system in which those who play  by the rules and work hard and even pay for health care can still be denied it. Insurance companies routinely deny me because of my preexisting condition, or they so generously offer to insure me for ludicrous sums such as  $5,000 per month. If it were not for employer-based insurance, I would be without.   And yes, we “choose”  to have health care, because we, fortunately, can barely afford the $1,000 a month premium. But, most of my husband’s coworkers can not. And if that premium keeps increasing, while wages keep being depressed, then there will be no choice: it will be a choice between food and shelter or health care.  Countless Americans have already had to make that choice. Of course, since you have government subsidized health care, you won’t be in that position.  You are so fortunate and I pray that all Americans may be so blessed one day.


An American Mother

  1. #1 by Barbara Showell on 04/22/2012 - 9:37 am

    I Love this it is sooo true. I am so proud that some one can stand up an say this. I wish I could do that. It really makes me feel good. That there is some one who knows and is going though this. I agree with every thing that she has said. I am one of those that do not have insurance because I can not afford it. Like she said food. and shelter or health care. I choose not to have it because it is not with in my budget. I am also say since she has goverment subsidized health care that she will not be in that position. An any way you would be taken care of even if you didn’t have it. I really think that every one should sit back an take a look at the people. An stop think of the rich people. They are not doing bad they are taken care of buy the goverment. And this is not good. Think before you speak. Look before you say something. If a person came up to with a hand out would you give them money? I think not.

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